• Paula Carlson


    Hi, I am Paula Carlson, I will be teaching 8th grade math at Rocky Mountain Middle School.  I have been teaching math for 22 years.  I love to work with middle school students, some people say this makes me a little insane, but I love my job.  When I am not teaching I love being outdoors, unless it is cold.  I like to work in my yard, ride horses, and I am trying to learn the art of fly fishing.  If it is cold, I like to wrap up in a blanket and read a good book.

    In my classroom I will give 100% and I expect my students to do the same.  I expect students to ask questions and let me know when they don't understand.  I will do my best to answer every question that a student has.  Please feel free to contact me by email at paula.carlson@wasatch.edu or by phone at 435-654-9350.

    I look forward to a successful year!