I am very excited to teach at Wasatch High School this year; my fourth.  Yup, I'm getting older but, I will give this year's students all that I can.  I care about my students as individuals and emphasize the Kagan Learning Structures.  Kagan structures are instructional strategies designed to promote cooperation and communication in the classroom, boost students' confidence and retain their interest in classroom interaction.  Therefore, I believe in a strong classroom mangement system but, openess and trust of the students to reach the goals.

    I am teaching three Spanish 1 classes and three Latinos in Action classes.  I have a wealth of information from my pre-teaching life as an executive leader of International Marketing and Sales in both corporate and Olympic positions.  I also have many resources, personal experiences and stories (lots and lots of stories!) from many years living, working, competing and traveling internationally.  I love adventures and non-team sports that require helmets and have consequences for failure. 

    • Spanish 1: The Spanish 1 students to learn through experiences and live the Spanish Language as a useful tool to open the door to the world. 
    • Latinos in Action:  LIA students will discover that they are integral and essential students at Wasatch High School capable of anything and immersing themselves in the larger dominant culture.  There are three course levels of LIA; each with their particular class objectives and end goals.  

    My class motto/lema is: Aprender a Volar (Learn to Fly). I will continuosly post pictures of students on the classroom wall as they demostrate their successes  of "Learning to Fly".  These are successes from challenging themsleves to do or learn something new, to conquer class concepts, face their fears or even facing the many obstacles and challenges life has given us.