• I actually graduated from Wasatch High School in 2011. It's really weird for me to be walking around some of my old teachers as equals, almost. I recently received a Bachelor's of arts in Humanities from Brigham Young University - Idaho. 

    My interest in secondary education was heavily spurred by an opportunity I had to work with young adults as a paraprofessional in a wilderness therapy program, the Anasazi Foundation. Here, our clients would come from around the nation to live and hike in the deserts of Arizona with little more than the simple clothes on their back, a sleeping bag, an aluminum cup, and a knife. Together we would learn how to survive hiking through the desert, making primitive fires, and experienced a raw teaching and power from the earth that very few people in this day and age have felt. This is where I learned that young adults are my kind of people. I basically see myself as a 26 year old teenager. 

    I have a wide array of interests. After school and on weekends you can find me hiking, biking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, watching a show or movie, playing basketball, racquetball, guitar, drums, listening to music or any number of things. I rarely know what to say when people ask me- "what do you for fun?" It just depends on what I might happen to be into that week. I see myself as the personification of being a jack of all trades, master of none. 

    Wasatch is cool. We'll have fun in class if you ever have me.