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    Board of Education

    Wasatch County School District Board of Education Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting and Budget Hearing

    Notice Date & Time: 6/14/22 6:30 PM


    Wasatch County School District Board of Education will hold a public hearing at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, on the final amended 2021-2022 budget and on the tentative 2022-2023 budget. A copy of the 2022-2023 budget has been placed on file with the Business Administrator of the Board of Education as well as the district website for public inspection. The meeting will be held at the Wasatch Education Center located at 101 E 200 N, Heber City, Utah. Following the public hearing the board will hold their regularly scheduled board meeting.

    This meeting will be broadcast live at Wasatch-YouTube.com and will be posted afterwards on the Wasatch County School District Website. All members of the public are invited to participate.

    Budget Hearing https://bit.ly/WCSDBoEBudgetHearingJune2022

    Regular Meeting https://bit.ly/WCSDBoERegularMeetingJune2022




    Business Administrator

    Wasatch County School District



    Wasatch Education Center 6/13/22


    Utah State Archives 6/13/22


    Heber City Municipal Office 6/13/22

    Wasatch Wave Newspaper  - 5/25/22, 6/1/22, 6/8/22 


  • CONTACT YOUR LOCAL BOARD MEMBER: SchoolBoard@wasatch.edu

    kimberly.dickerson@wasatch.edu - Board Member, Kimberly Dickerson -- County East District 

    marianne.allen@wasatch.edu - Board Member, Marianne B Allen -- County South District 

    tom.hansen@wasatch.edu - Board President, Tom Hansen -- Midway District

    cory.holmes@wasatch.edu - Board Member, Cory Holmes -- Heber North District

    tyler.bluth@wasatch.edu - Board Vice President, Tyler Bluth -- Heber South District


    Ensuring all students obtain all the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will enable them to reach their personal goals and be productive contributing members of our society.


    Values/Collective Commitments:

    1. We value being strong stewards of the school and our community: 

    a. We commit to partnering with students and parents to understand each students’ individual goals.

    b We commit to collaborating with other community, civic, university and business leaders to help meet the needs of society.

    2. We value equitable access to academic knowledge, school activities, and achievement.

    a. We commit to high academic standards with personalized support to reach those standards.

    b. We commit to creating opportunities for all students to participate in educational opportunities that will develop skills and dispositions.

    3. We value civic preparation and engagement

    a. We commit to engaging and partnering with parents, community leaders, universities, and business leaders.

    b. We commit to teaching and developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will allow our local community, state, nation, and world to thrive.

    4. We value engaged learning through a nurturing pedagogy

    a. We commit to recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining administrators, teachers, and other school employees that value relationships, strive for best teaching practices, and create engaging and safe learning environments.

    b. We commit to schools that are physically, socially, and emotionally safe.

    c. We commit to providing engaging school activities that connect students to their school communities.

    5. We value a commitment to renewal

    a. We commit to the tenants of a professional learning community to renew our professional practices as educators.


    1. Become the highest-achieving district in the state as measured by national and state tests.
    2. Become a nationally recognized model PLC district.
    3. Have all secondary students involved in an activity that connects them to the school (extracurricular activities, clubs, houses, etc.)

     Participants at Board Meetings

    A quorum of three board members is needed to conduct official school district business. In addition to the board, the superintendent, business administrator and members of the administrative team will be on hand to provide reports and explanations. At many meetings, a department representative will share information about the function, effectiveness, and future plans of a particular service. Such issues as goals, evaluation, growth, budget, instructional methods, and programs are addressed.

    Public Comments to the Board

    For consideration of an agenda item for the board of education meeting email stacey.moore@wasatch.edu five business days before the meeting. The board shall determine what items will be placed on the agenda. Copies of the agenda are available by request at the district office, at each board meeting, or through the BoardDocs system. The agenda contains business to be considered at each meeting. Board members receive the agenda and supporting documents before each meeting.

    Some matters come before the board on a consent agenda, requiring a majority of the board's approval. More complex matters are presented initially on an action agenda for a vote. Other matters are presented as information items, superintendent report, and board report. This does not apply to the Public Comment portion of the board meeting.

    PUBLIC COMMENT PROCEDURE Community Comment is welcome at all Board of Education meetings. You are welcome to attend a regularly scheduled meeting at 101 E 200 N, Heber, UT. As a Board of Education, public input is important to assists in ascertaining public attitudes and interests. Finally, as a reminder, this is not a forum for open discussion or debate between the Board and patrons.

    WRITTEN PUBLIC COMMENT ON PUBLIC HEARING SUBJECTS – You may submit written public comments electronically by emailing stacey.moore@wasatch.edu prior to the public hearing. All comments will be reviewed by all board members.

    OTHER WRITTEN COMMENT – You may submit written public comments electronically by emailing stacey.moore@wasatch.edu. All comments will be reviewed by all board members. 

    Following board discussion of subjects under consideration, questions or comments will be entertained at the board president's discretion.

    Involvement at a School

    Citizen participation is one key to successful school programs and is an important resource. If you would like to be involved at your school, call or stop by and find out what you can do to help. Volunteers are valuable in schools as tutors, serving on Wasatch Parent Network boards or community councils, assisting teachers, supervising activities, etc.

    District Policy

    Copies of policies established by the board are available through school principals or at the Wasatch Education Center through the superintendent's office. Policies may also be accessed through the Internet, District Policy Page, or by clicking here.

    Board Meetings

    The Board meets regularly on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.unless otherwise noted. Agendas are posted at the entrance to the Wasatch Education Center, 101 East 200 North, Heber City UT, 84032, district website www.wasatch.edu and also the Public Meeting Notice website http://www.utah.gov/pmn/index.html

    Government Records Access and Management (GRAMA) 

    It is the policy of Wasatch School District Board of Education that records are managed in an efficient, responsible manner and that fair and timely public access to the information contained in district records is made available while protecting individual privacy rights in relation to personal data gathered by the school district. Records requests must be made on the Wasatch County School District form and submitted to the Business Office or by emailing keith.johansen@wasatch.edu located at 101 East 200 North, Heber City, Utah 84032.  This policy does not apply to student records. Student records are governed by the Family Education Privacy Act (FERPA).

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