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    District Administration 

    Paul Keith Jason Ben

    Paul A. Sweat, Superintendent of Schools | paul.sweat@wasatch.edu
    Keith Johansen, Business Administrator | keith.johansen@wasatch.edu
    Jason Watt, Director of CTE/Student Services | jason.watt@wasatch.edu
    Ben Springer, Director of Special Education | ben.springer@wasatch.edu
     Shawn Eric Jim
    Shawn Kelly, Director of Operations/Human Resources | shawn.kelly@wasatch.edu
    Eric Campbell, Director of Elementary Education | eric.campbell@wasatch.edu
    James Judd, Director of Secondary Education | james.judd@wasatch.edu
    Kirsta Albert, Director of Communications | k.albert@wasatch.edu
    Dustin Miller, Director of Technology | dustin.miller@wasatch.edu