• Mr. Glueck

    (Coach Glueck)

    Email: alexander.glueck@wasatch.edu

    Phone: (435) 654-0640 Ext 3752

    Alex Glueck

    I have been working in the Wasatch County School District since February 2017 as a coach with the men's soccer team. This is my third year teaching and I am excited to continue to improve my lessons and the classroom experience as I grow and develop as a teacher. Prior to teaching, I was employed as the Field Marketing and Communications Manager for USA Nordic Sport, a non-profit in charge of the training and development of the National and Junior National teams in the disciplines of Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined skiing.


    I studied Philosophy and English Literature at the University of Colorado Denver, and received my bachelor's degree in 2015. I was also a member of the US Ski Team in the discipline of Nordic Combined from 2000-2009. In addition to teaching me the virtues of hard work and dedication, my skiing career allowed me to travel the world, connect with vastly different people, and experience a variety of cultures.


    I have lived in Heber for four years with my wife, Molly, our son Colton (turning two May 2021), and our two dogs. We absolutely love living here. I am excited to continue my growth here at Wasatch and look forward to many years in the halls of Wasatch High School.


    The courses I will be teaching this year are English 10 and English 10 Hybrid. Both classes follow the same path as students spend the year honing their reading and writign skills, as well as critical thinking and argumentative abilities. We will spend the year considering fiction and non-fiction works as we pursue our goals of becoming the proficient in reading fictional and non-fictional texts and writing for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences.


    Link to English 10 Canvas Course: https://wasatch.instructure.com/courses/28148


    Link to English 10 Hybrid Canvas Course: https://wasatch.instructure.com/courses/29812


    Parents please follow these instructions to become an observer on Canvas: https://www.wasatch.edu/domain/2173