• Mr. Johnson's 8th Grade Math Class

     Trevor Johnson

    I am a 5th year teacher with a math education degree from Brigham Young University. I taught 3 years in Spanish Fork before coming up here to beautiful Heber Valley. I enjoy reading, any sport, playing the trombone, video games, and most recently mountain biking. I'm not a big fan of writing so I apologize if I've missed some commas already. I married a native Heberite and have a 18 month old son. I'm very excited to be here and share my enthusiasm for Mathematics. 

    My vision in my classroom is to help students become problem solvers. To achieve that I will challenge my students and push them to figure out why the mathematics works. If you ever have any questions, please email me at trevor.johnson@wasatch.edu



    Class Disclosure

    "Everyone at TMS will achieve at high levels and build a culture of learning and respect" -TMS Mission statement


    Materials needed: Pencil!!!

                    Composition book (catalyst students are not required to provide one of these)


    Classroom expectations: In my class I expect my students to follow the school standards of CommitmentIntegrityHonor, and Strength

                   - I expect my students to show Commitment by being prepared and on time for class each day

                   - I expect my students to show Integrity by being honest on assignments and staying focused and on-task

                   - I expect my students to show Honor by respecting me as a teacher and being attentive when I am trying to teach, as well as respecting the other students by not being disruptive during class

                   - I expect my students to show Strength by trying their very hardest on assignments and participating in class when asked to.


    Grading Policy: (Grade/Min percentage) A/92.5 | A-/89.5 | B+/86.5 | B/82.5 | B-/79.5 | C+/76.5 | C/72.5 | C-/69.5 | D+/66.5 | D/62.5 | D-/59.5 | F/0

                                                 Tests/Assessments are worth 70 %, Assignments are worth 30%