Mrs. Roberts and husband hiking      Baby Lily

    Hello from Mrs. Roberts!

    This is my second year teaching 1st grade and I LOVE IT! I studied at Brigham Young University to receive my Bachelor's in Teaching and dance teaching certification. As an undergraduate student I participated in early childhood education research and am passionate about early literacy instruction. After teaching for several years, I hope to return to school for a Masters degree in teaching or literacy.

    I am from Washington state but during the course of our marriage, my husband Brandon has convinced me to become an Arizonan. We gave birth to our daughter Lily in May 2019 and have loved the new-parent adventure. Together we enjoy hiking, board/card games, playing the organ, salsa dancing, reading books aloud and snuggling with our sweet baby. 

    I hope you stop by and see all the learning happening in our 1st grade class - it is a year of amazing growth!