• English with Mr. Theurer!

    Name: Devin Theurer
    Email Address: devin.theurer@wasatch.edu
    Phone number: 435-654-0550 ext. 2479

    When you come to my classroom, I want you to fall in love. 
    Fall in love with yourself right now. You may be in the muddy mess of being a young teenager, but you have a voice and it matters, so let's write and write and write to find that voice. You have a perspective on the world that is unique and we need to hear it and see it. You have the capacity to affect change in your own life, in mine, and in the life of your classmates. Fall in love with yourself to bring the best you to class every day.
    Fall in love with the "you" you have yet to meet. Down the road somewhere is a "you" that when you meet him or her, you will be proud to know and be that person. So, let's start now to get there. Let's practice on thinking, acting, committing, being like that person. When you come to class, notice the signs "Embrace the Struggle" and "Mistakes are Portals of Discovery" and believe in them enough to take the risks, leaps, and challenges that will help you grow. It doesn't matter to me where you are in your reading and writing. All of us have to start somewhere. What matters is that you and I are working together to get you to that future "you" that you can't wait to show off to the world.
    Fall in love with the power of community. We all need help to be our best selves, and we're going to do that. We're going to read and write, share our selves and our work, give and receive advice, compliments, criticism that will help us grow (notice the "we": I am in this with you, learning, doing, becoming). We're going to read books and have discussions to show you that you belong not only to our class, school, town, but the world at large. Let yourself become a part of the "tribe" in Room 513 and embrace all the vulnerability, patience, humility, commitment and open-mindedness that we will ask of you and watch it change you. You always belong here.  
    And, of course, I hope you fall in love with reading and writing.
    Mr. Theurer with His Wife
    Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns.
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