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    Name: Mrs. Heather Schambach   
    Email Address: heather.schambach@wasatch.edu

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    I have been teaching chemistry for 20 years and this is my 6th year at Wasatch High School.  I earned my bachelor's degree in chemistry and my master's degree in education.  In my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, camping, mountain biking, SCUBA diving, and traveling. I am an advisor for the school's SCUBA club and our National Honor Society. Reach out to me if you have any interest in learning to SCUBA dive or earning your advanced SCUBA certification.  
    Chemistry is a lab-based course that is designed to help students to develop an understanding of matter and its changes, to prepare students for further science classes, and to help all students to develop his or her problem-solving skills. This year we will study matter, atomic structure, chemical bonding, moles, stoichiometry, solutions, acids and bases, equilibrium, thermochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and behavior of gases. 
    Advanced Placement (AP) chemistry is designed to be the equivalent of the general chemistry course typically taken during the first year of college. Most of our classtime will be spent on problem solving activities and in the lab. You will watch lectures and read on your own. Topics of study this year will include matter, quantitative chemistry, gases, kinetics, equilibrium, acids and bases, thermochemistry, electrochemistry, atomic structure, periodic trends, bonding, intermolecular forces, and nuclear chemistry. 
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