• whsspring

    Welcome to the 2019/2020 school year. I'm excited to begin my fith year teaching at WHS and am looking forward to the new year! The classes being offered to students this year include Transition, Study Skills, and Numeracy. Information regarding invidual courses can be found by clicking on the course links. There you will find the course disclosure along with an itinerary of projects that will be completed in class. Because of our current school dismissal you MUST use Canvas to get updated information on assignments.

    Most class work is completed in Canvas. If there is any question as to what was done in class, that is the first place to look. Some assignments and projects will need to be completed during Consultation Time on Mondays. I highly recommend that parents become observers on their students Canvas accounts. This gives you material you can use to support your student's success. Click HERE to access Canvas and set up your parent observer account. As a parent you can also access SIS and monitor your students grades and attendance. Call the front office for assistance in setting up access to SIS.

    If there are further questions or you have need to meet with me, you're more than welcome to call and/or set up a time. You can reach me at 435-654-0640 ext. 3756. I am usually available during my office hours which are 1/2 before and after school. Afternoons are typcially used for IEP meetings so I would recommend setting up an appointment. Here is looking forward to a great year and, oh...EXPECT TO EXCEL!