Welcome to Fifth Grade

Old Mill Elementary School
  • I love learning and having fun, and my biggest desire is for students to have this same experience.   I will provide a classroom that is fun, engaging, and paired with explicit instruction, modeling, and high expectations.  

    Students must come prepared to learn both mentally and physically.  They need to be ready to focus, behave appropriately according to the situation, willing to participate, cooperate, and be respectful to all.   They also should have any supplies that are necessary for learning, this also includes using their devices appropriately and respectfully.

    Since participation of all involved parties is necessary to create student success, I try to communicate with parents effectively.   I have created a Twitter page that includes a weekly blog, that provides a general overview of the week, the link is Twitter.  I will also communicate by from my email melinda.korologos@wasatch.edu, however if you prefer a phone call or another form of communication, please make me aware of your desire so I can meet your needs efficiently. 

    Looking forward to an exciting year of learning and growing!



    Mrs. Korologos

    Mrs. K

Last Modified on June 6, 2019