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    Jonathan Welling
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    Growing up in Oregon, I was the odd kid.  I honestly told everyone my dream job was to be a high school physics teacher.  Well, actually, becoming a Mythbuster was my first choice, but physics teaching was a close second.  I love teaching at Wasatch High. I can honestly say this is a dream come true.


    Physics - Our world is a fascinating place.  In this class we learn the why behind the phenomenons around us. Get ready to finally understand WIFI, black holes and why your phone needs a large power box to charge from the wall outlet but not when plugged into your computer.  I strongly believe that learning is best done by doing. This class is very hands-on and very collaborative. It's not easy, but it's fun. 


    Engineering 1 & 2 - Future Engineers - you Lego builder, you who tore apart kitchen appliances to see how they work, and all those who want think up inventions to make the world a better place - welcome to my Engineering class. Together we will grow your creative and innovation while exploring the following fields of Engineering: mechanical, civil, electrical, material science, bio-mechanical, chemical Engineering. This class is a combination of construction, science, technology, art and math. This is a fun class. 



    I appreciate your support. Be prepared to participate a little with your child. In physics I do monthly assignments (PRTs) that require students to teach thier parents concepts they learn in class.  Expect emails from me and please don’t hesitate to email me any questions or concerns. 


    Please follow your child's Canvas course to monitor thier progress. 



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