• Welcome to Mr. Hepworth's Classroom!

    Name: Mr. Hepworth
    Email Address: travis.hepworth@wasatch.edu
    School Phone number: (435) 654-0472

    Students and Parents,
    Welcome to my classroom. I am one of the resource teachers here at the school. My name is Travis Hepworth. I would like to share with you a little about myself. I come from a family of 10, I love hiking, playing the guitar (even though I'm not that good), and spending time with my family.
    Here in the classroom I have high expectations for all who enter, Our classroom is as a safe environment where students and teachers are expected to give their best effort. Kind words and actions will ensure a safe environment for learning. We also have rules aside from the school wide rules which are, Be safe, Be Kind, and Be responsible. Our classroom rules are 1. Follow directions the first time, 2. One voice at a time, 3. KYHFOOTY (keep your hands, feet, & other objects to yourself, 4. Nice words 5. Participate.

    My wife and I

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