• Welcome to 8th grade English!

    Welcome students and parents,

    I am ecstatic to be starting my seventh year teaching 8th grade English at RMMS! I graduated from Southern Utah University with a Bachelors in English: Education. I spent this last summer reading books about best reading practices, completing my Masters of English Studies degree from Arizona State University, and plotting how to sneak home a puppy. I absolutely love the study of language and literature, and I am excited to explore this new year with your child.

    This class is basically a reading and writing class. We read A LOT. We write A LOT. Every student is expected to read and write accordingly. Not reading is NOT an option. There will be reading and writing time in class, but students are expected and encouraged to read outside of class as well. 

    This year we will be using technology(i.e. your iPads) almost daily as a means to access required materials, grades, and email for parent/student/teacher communication. If you temporarily lose access to the internet, and/or your child is unable to stay after school or come early to use school wifi, please let me know as soon as possible for other available accommodations. Though you will be expected to have your iPad(fully charged) in class, we will also be using paper and pencil for various reasons. Please come prepared for both possibilities.

    I am available daily until 3:00 pm, and also by appointment. Please feel free to contact me via email, phone, or visit to discuss your child's success. I firmly believe that open communication can only help in your child's education.

    Looking forward to this interesting year,

    Mrs. Mitterling

    Phone number:435-654-9350

    Email Address: sydney.mitterling@wasatch.edu

    Follow our classroom adventures on Instagram: @mrsmitterling147 


    Mr. and Mrs. Mitterling
Last Modified on August 9, 2020