• Coach Tyler Baird              

    - Math Teacher

    - Football Assistant Coach

    - hebervalleyradio.com - Crossing the T's with Ty n Ty


    My name is Tyler Baird and this is my 9th year teaching at Wasatch High School. The first 6 years of my teaching was spent in the Special Education Department and this will be the 3rd year that I have shifted to be a full time Math Teacher. I am also an assistant football coach for the Wasatch High School Football Team. Myself and fellow History teacher Tyler Moss also call the Wasatch Athletic events on the local radio station 94.5 FM and hebervalleyradio.com, and we have a local talk show that airs on Saturday Mornings from 8:00 to 9:00 AM.

    My wife Abby and myself are both proud graduates of Wasatch High School. I have 3rd and 4th great grandfathers who were among the first settlers into the Heber Valley and my family has been here ever since. We love the Heber Valley and Wasatch High School and feel grateful to the have the opportunity to work in this great district and to raise our family the valley.

    As we approach this upcoming school year, I am excited for the upcoming challenge that the 2021/2022 school is about to bring. I realize that everyone has been going through different experiences through this interesting time. My goal is for the students to find some safety and confidence as they improve in their math skills for this year. My goal for all students and players is that they will feel safe, confident, and have the desire to improve each day. Our motto is to "Win the Pitch" which means doing the best we can where we are at in whatever we are are doing. We look on failure as simply a means to get better.