District Dual Immersion Specialist - Elizabeth (Ellie) Gallagher
    Director of Elementary Curriculum, Eric Campbell

    Yearlong Support

    • Home Support Strategies for Dual Immersion K-6 (Spanish & English)

    Summer Opportunities   

    Summer Spanish Digital Bridge Program (en español)

    Students entering grades 1-5, June 8th to July 8th
    Students entering grades 6-8. June 1st to July 3rd

    • The Summer Bridge Program is intended for all DLI students to continue the development of their Spanish langauge skills.
    • Access to an online Canvas course. After registering, log into Canvas and accept the course invitation.
    • Listening comprehension practice with videos, songs and more.
    • Readings at multiple levels with audio and interactive activities with feedback.
    • Interactive and meaningful writing practice with native Spanish speakers with feedback from the teacher.
    • Students use the language in real-life interactions on Zoom, Flip grid, and Padlet.
    • The course is divided into 5 modules. Students will complete the activities at their own pace within the summer school window.
    • Participate with a home device or a school device.
    • For the best experience, if using an iPad or other mobile device, please install the Canvas Student app.
      • When installing the Canvas Student app, you will need the URL for Wasatch School District's instance of Canvas: http://wasatch.instructure.com
    • Canvas credentials for students are:
      • Username = student full email address
      • Password = Student email password

         Entering Grades 1-5 Register HERE             

        Entering Grades 6-8 Register HERE

    For more information:

    For grades 6 - 8, email Leticia Heredia @ leticia.heredia@wasatch.edu 

    For program or grades 1-8 questions, email Ellie Gallagher @ elizabeth.gallagher@wasatch.edu

    For technical support grades 6-8, email helpdesk@wasatch.edu

    For course registration, email brett.zabel@wasatch.edu


    Access Canvas here 

    1. Login into Canvas (http://wasatch.instructure.com), this link can also be found on the district Dual Immersion Parent resources page. 

    The username is your students first initial of their first name, first initial of their last name, and your students SIS number (AB#####)

    Canvas Login Window

    The password is: Capital letter of your students first initial of their first name, in lower case the first three letters of their last name, and the last four numbers of their SIS number (Abcd####) 


    2. Select “Dashboard” from the menu bar on the left side. Accept the Summer Bridge DLI Course (Green "accept" button). Then choose the Summer DLI course in which your student is enrolled. Notice: in the Course Tile, there is the name and grade level indicating the course content. If the course tile is grayed out, the course has not yet been accepted.

    Summer Bridge Course Tile in Canvas



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