• For Creative Writing, you need: 
    A Writer’s Notebook. I suggest a 15-cent spiral-bound wide- or college-ruled notebook from 
    the store. If you’re a big spender, you might want one of the 50-cent composition books. You can 
    spend a whole lot of dollars on a gorgeous piece of stationery, but then you might feel a little 
    funny about throwing your brain-vomit into it. A writer’s notebook is a place for your messiest 
    thoughts. You need it in class every day. 
    A pen or pencil that you like to write with. Writing by hand on paper utilizes a different piece of 
    your brain than typing with your fingers does. We want to stretch both parts – all parts – of those 
    Your charged computer. There will be at least 40 minutes of dedicated writing time in class 
    EVERY DAY. We will learn lots of awesome tricks. We will read great mentor texts. And then, 
    amigos, we will WRITE. Come ready. 
    A critical eye. You will be reading your classmates’ work. They will be reading yours. This is 
    not only for fun. You will learn how to help each other see the great, and you will help each 
    other see the potential. You need to come with open eyes and an open mind – your brainy ideas 
    may help a classmate make his work shine. And his may help you. 
    Guts. Bravery. Compassion. You will have chances to read aloud. You will have chances to 
    listen to others’ work. I demand respect during read-aloud time. Some of the writing we do in 
    class will make us laugh, some will make us angry, some will make us uncomfortable, and some 
    will probably make me cry. All of the writers in our class deserve our respect, and we will give 
    it. Agreed? 
    Here’s what we will produce: 
    Portfolio – You will collect your best work in the four areas of study (short story, poetry, 
    narrative nonfiction, and a picture book) in a digital portfolio. This will be a treasure. I 
    promise. (And the actual, physical picture book, which I will keep, admire, and share.)
    Literary Magazine – You will have the opportunity to submit some of your best writing to the 
    brand new Wasatch High Literary Magazine. This is an amazing piece of work that will allow 
    some of you to be published before you graduate from high school. Awesome, right? 
    Let’s write.