Digital Conversion: Professional Development Plan

    Wasatch Back Digital Learning Conference

    Wasatch Back Digital Learning Conference will be held on August 17 and 18, 2016. This conference is planned by WCSD and hosted at Wasatch High School. The purpose of this conference is to prepare and support teachers and administrators as we improve instructional practices in the classroom for all grade levels and all students.

    At this years Wasatch Back Digital Learning Conference there are over 185 sessions with over 70 presenters offered to district and school administration and all instructional staff of WCSD and the surrounding area. The sessions this year offered a wide variety of learning opportunities including digital instructional tools, learning management systems, student collaboration tools, digital classroom management tools and strategies, various digital curriculum sessions, district new teacher orientation sessions, digital storytelling, digital research tools and strategies, cooperative learning and engagement practices, project-based learning, digital writing tools, behavior management, as well as social media.  This will be a fabulous conference with something for everyone at their learning level.
    The hash tag for this years conference is #wback16.  We encourage you to tweet about what you are learning to share with your PLN. 

    WCSD is excited to offer these sessions to our teachers and our guests.. 

    Click here for a link to the conference website.


    Instructional Coaches

    As a part of the districts original Digital Conversion plan, job-embedded professional development for our teachers was extremely important.  This is accomplished through the use of Digital/Instructional Coaches.  As the digital conversion rolls-out to the various grade levels, the intent is to provide all teachers access to a Digital/Instructional Coach to support and help them improve their instruction and use of digital tools.

    The Digital/Instructional Coach’s role is to work directly with individual teachers or teams of teachers to improve the instruction and integration of computer technology in classrooms.  These Digital/Instructional Coaches work with and support the teaching and learning process during the school day by being with individual teachers and helping them reach their instructional goals. Some of the approaches coaches utilize include data gathering, modeling of instruction, side-by-side instruction, and offering teacher feedback.


    Educational Technology Endorsement

    The Utah State Office of Education offers an Educational Technology Endorsement to any certified teacher who meets its qualifications and desires one.  In partnership with Northeastern Utah Regional Service Center (NUES), a program was created through which teachers may earn their Educational Technology Endorsement.

    This endorsement allows teachers to learn and implement within their classrooms the most current pedagogical strategies that integrate computer technology into their instruction. Teachers are able to participate in this program time and place independent, in Face-to-Face instruction, or in some  combination.  Teachers are asked to complete two computer technology projects, as well as a series of courses centered on integrating computer technology into their instruction. The links below are various documents associated with the Educational Technology Endorsement.

    Microsoft's Educator Network (Technology Enriched Instruction Course [Microsoft Virtual Academy]). 


















    (Image Source: https://education.microsoft.com/GetTrained/Technology-Enriched-Instruction)


    Educational Technology Endorsement Passoff Sheet 


    Educational Technology Endorsement - Class OneNote 

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    WCSD IT Trainers

    In 2013, the district Technology Department created a “Technology 101” program.  As a part of individual teacher training, a member of the IT staff is tasked with ensuring that every administrator and teacher at WCSD is able to competently use and understand the following: Wasatch Connect, attaching to and using both wired and wireless networks, email systems, district used applications, teacher web pages, district data systems, Windows 8, MS Office applications, basic laptop settings, use of digital projectors, district printing services, network file management, and use of the district Internet filter.

    Since this program has been implemented, the technology skill sets of our teachers has increased in a dramatic way.  Through the use of the IT Trainer, teachers are better prepared to teach and support students in a digital environment.  

    A sample technology skills report is found below.  For your individual skills report, please see your technology representative in your building.