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    Digital Conversion: Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a cost to parents associated with their student getting a device?

    There is a $40 technology fee for students.  This replaces the textbook fee of previous years and provides insurance for all student devices.

    Can any family member use the device?

    Each student will be given a unique log in to access and use the device.  Parents are encouraged to access and monitors their child’s use of the device and progress in learning in each class.

    Will students keep the device over summer break?

    No, the last week of school each device is collected to be cleaned and imaged for the next school year.

    What training is available for parents who are unfamiliar with the device?

    A mandatory training will be provided for parents and students when picking up the device at the beginning of the school year.  Each individual school will conduct trainings on the device, digital curriculum, and other digital programs that the students will use during the school year.  Please check with each individual school’s website for details as those trainings are conducted. 

    Will parents need to purchase additional items for the device?

    No, but it is encouraged that students have a means to back up saving files.  (i.e. a thumb drive)

    What is the process if the device breaks or malfunctions?

    Each school has an assigned location for students to go during school hours to get help in troubleshooting the device.  If the device needs repaired a loaner computer will be given to the student to use while the device is being fixed.  Because files and the digital curriculum is offered in the cloud students will have access to all class materials and individual files with the loaner computer.

    Will students carry fewer textbooks?

    Yes.  All core areas have digital curriculum and increasingly teachers will use digital resources.  This is a transition that will take place over time.

    What filters are in place to protect students from visiting harmful websites?

    Wasatch County School District uses the iBoss Filter. It is managed by Wasatch County School Districts Technology Department.  For further information regarding our efforts to keep every student safe while in district schools as well as at home click here.

    What digital resources will be available on the device?

    Each laptop has Windows 8.1, Adobe products, Digital Curriculum, and a variety of on-line resources.  Each teacher may access on-line resources to engage students and increase student learning. 

    Are games installed on the device?  Can students download games on the device?

    Some learning games are installed on the device.  Students may not download games to the device.  If games are found on the device they will be removed. 

    What devices are being used in Wasatch School District?

    Students at Timpanogos Intermediate School  are issued an Acer Netbook with MS Windows 8.1.
    Students at Rocky Mountain Middle School are issued an Acer Iconia Tablet with MS Windows 8.1
    Students at Wasatch High School are issued an Lenovo Yoga laptop with MS Windows 8.1 

    How has Wasatch School District funded the digital conversion?


    Digital Conversion is funded using current district funds. No additional public monies through bonding is included in the financing of WCSD’s Digital Conversion. The cost for the Digital Conversion in WCSD is currently less than 4% of its annual budget. District funds have been re-prioritized to support this initiative.


    How much bandwidth does WCSD have?

    Wasatch County School District has a 10 GB backbone. Each school within the district is connected with a 10GB Fiber Optic line.  Within each school, 1 GB switches are used to connect 250 MB wireless access points.