We value the following collective behaviors that optimize the learning environment:
    Care--Each student feels cared for and is well known.
    Plan--Every student has an individualized plan with goals and support for what he or she needs to learn.
    Excel--All students expect excellence in every ambition.
    We value these three primary objectives for student learning:
    Core--Fundamental promises of education (reading, writing, and reasoning).  Core subjects include: language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education and health, fine arts, CTE, computer technology, and financial literacy.
    Career--Pathways in agriculture, business and marketing, family and consumer sciences, health sciences, information technology, skilled and technical sciences, and technology and engineering.
    Character--Positive contributions to community include: prosocial behavior, recognizing forms of bullying, including others, being a confident bystander, and practicing extraordinary acts of kindness.
    We value the following student behaviors that lead to success at school:
    Attendance--Consistent attendance has proven to be a primary indicator of school success and preparation for the world of work.  Be in class, on time every day.
    Academics--Each student will have an academic plan based on what all students must know, what each student may eventually get paid to know, and what individual students may choose and love to know.  Course grades and course level indicate academic success.
    Activities--Students will be invested in Wasatch High School if they participate in extracurricular activities and clubs.