• Getting Started with Wasatch eSchool

    Interested in trying some online options within WHS? Wasatch eSchool allows you to take some of your classes online, whether you want to take them on-campus in place of some of your regular classes, take them off-campus from home during the school day, or take them as extra courses on your own time. 
    If you are ready to get started, here are the steps (please take the steps in this order for the smoothest process):
    1.  Contact your counselor.  If you want eSchool as one of your scheduled classes, your counselor MUST put you in my class before I can register you on the Edgenuity system.  If you just want to take a class on your own time, make sure your counselor is aware of your choice, and VERIFY with your counselor which courses you need.
    2. STARTING FALL 2015-- Pay your fees (if applicable) with Mrs. Rasband and get a receipt.   You need to pay a fee if: 
        • You are taking a course that is extra, above and beyond your 8 period schedule at WHS
        • You are taking a course during the summer
    3. Fill out your registration forms here  -- ideally with your counselor, to verify the information. 
    4. See me in person.   I do not register students without first making face-to-face contact unless it is an extreme circumstance.  You can find me on all ODD days in Room 205 (Media Center Lab) or contact me to make an appointment.  I will, at that time, give you an eSchool learning contract. 
    5. Log on and get started!

    **Please note:  I am not a counselor. I cannot verify which classes you need, nor can I be responsible if you register for and take the wrong class.  That is why filling out the registration with your counselor is so important.    Make sure the class and goal date you write down on that registration IS the class and goal date that you need. 

    Find and Contact Your Counselors