mountain climbers
    HELLO! I am Mrs.Mathewson.
    I love teaching at Midway Elementary School. It is so much fun being a Wrangler at this amazing school.
    I am grateful I get to live and work in this beautiful mountain valley. I enjoy being outside exploring all the fun things Heber Valley has to offer. Some of my favorite activities are snowboarding,hiking,mountain biking,rock climbing, camping, gardening, and of course teaching Wranglers how to be awesome readers! 
    I am a graduate from Utah Valley University, where I recieved my bachelor degree in elementary education. I have also recieved a math endorsement from BYU. I have taught kindergarten and third grade students, and presently I am a reading intervention teacher. 
    I believe it is important to approach learning with a growth mindset, and a positive attitude. I believe all students have a "mountain to climb", to show others it can be moved. In a growth mindset challenges are exciting rather than threatening. So rather than thinking, oh, I'm going to reveal my weaknesses; you say, wow, here is a chance to learn and grow! I can move mountains!
    Go Climb Mountains
    & Push Yourself