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    tom.hansen@wasatch.edu - Board President, Tom Hansen -- Midway District

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    The Wasatch County School District Board of Education and district staff appreciates your interest in board meetings and the business of the school system. Public understanding, participation and communication are vital to a successful educational environment for students.  Meeting agendas and minutes are posted online to make your participation more convenient.





    Wasatch County schools develop students to their full potential. 

    Our schools are expected to teach the fundamental skills of reading, writing, and mathematics; to teach students to think independently and clearly; and to prepare them for the responsibilities of living in a democracy. 

    Many believe that public schools have a role in assisting in the development of character and and citizenship; of health and safety; and of proper recreational and cultural interests. The schools require discipline and hard work and attempt to inspire a desire for learning that will carry continues  beyond formal education. 

    The Board of Education strives to obtain and keep the most competent teaching and administrative staff; to provide facilities that will meet the district's growing needs; to work closely with the community in keeping the public informed of the schools' programs and needs; and, in cooperation with the school staff, to formulate and carry out the educational policies and standards necessary to achieve these goals.

    Participants at Board Meetings


    A quorum of three board members is needed to conduct official school district business. In addition to the board, the superintendent, business administrator and members of the administrative team will be on hand to provide reports and explanations. At many meetings, a department representative will share information about the function, effectiveness, and future plans of a particular service. Such issues as goals, evaluation, growth, budget, instructional methods and programs are addressed.

    Appearing Before the Board/Agenda Inclusion

    Individuals or delegations wishing to appear before the Board, should contact the superintendent or the board president 72 hours before a board meeting. To request a matter for the agenda, fill in the Agenda Request Form and submit it at least seven days before the meeting to the Superintendent's Office, located at the Wasatch Education Center, 101 East 200 North, Heber City UT 84032 or fax 435-654-4714. The board shall determine what items will be placed on the agenda.

    Following board discussion of subjects under consideration, questions or comments will be entertained at the president's discretion.

    How to get involved

    Citizen participation is one key to successful school programs and is an important resource. If you would like to be involved at your school, call or stop by and find out what you can do to help. Volunteers are valuable in schools as tutors, serving on PTA boards or community councils, assisting teachers, supervising activities, etc.

    How to stay informed 

    Copies of policies established by the board are available through school principals or at the Wasatch Education Center through the superintendent's office. Policies may also be accessed through the Internet, District Policy Page or by clicking here.

    Addressing your concerns

    Citizens with questions about school operations are encouraged to first contact the teacher or staff member closest to the situation. The next step is to contact the school principal. Then, if necessary, concerns may be brought to the attention of a District School Director. Unresolved matters would then be brought to the Superintendent.

    Media coverage

    News media representatives are invited to each meeting. 

    Copies of the agenda are available by mail, at the district office, at each board meeting, or simply by clicking on the Board Agendas link near the top of this page. The agenda contains business to be considered at each meeting. Board members receive the agenda and supporting documents before each meeting so they may be prepared.

    Some matters come before the board on a consent agenda, requiring a majority of the board's approval. More complex matters are presented initially on an action agenda for a vote. Other matters are presented as information items, superintendent report, and board report.

    The Board cannot make decisions on important questions without complete information and usually does not consider matters not on the agenda. Exceptions for emergencies may be discussed with the superintendent's office.

    To request a matter for the agenda, complete a form Agenda Request Form and submit it to the superintendent's office seven days before the meeting.

    Board meetings


    The Board meets regularly on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.unless otherwise noted. Agendas are posted at the entrance to the Wasatch Education Center, 101 East 200 North, Heber City UT, 84032, district website www.wasatch.edu and also the Public Meeting Notice website http://www.utah.gov/pmn/index.html