• Aug. 10, 2021


    Dear Parents, 

    We are so excited to be back in school and hope you are too! We’re going to have a great year no matter what craziness is happening in the world. We have worked long and hard with the counselors to get schedules figured out, so if you see a problem please let us know as soon as possible so we can get it fixed. This year your child will have two main teachers, Mrs. Glenda Gray and Mrs. Candylynne Peterson (Candy). We are excited to be working together again. Brenda, Makayla and Moana will be the paraprofessionals working with your students. We’re very happy to have such awesome women to work with.

    Safety will remain a high priority this year. We will be emphasizing hand washing and using hand sanitizer. Each student will have their own supplies in a tub at their desk. We will be sanitizing supplies and surfaces multiple times each day. Please send your student with their own water bottle every day. Please check your student’s temperature each morning before you send them to school. If your student has a fever or is otherwise sick, please keep them home. We all appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    This year we really want to work on your student’s independence. To do this it is important that they come prepared for school and on time every day. You can help by checking your student’s notebook every night. We will write little notes about things we have done and assignments that are due, etc. in these notebooks. We would really appreciate it if you would sign their notebook (or make a comment) each night so we know that you saw it.

    We will be using a variation of a token economy to help students to make good choices. Each student will receive coins for positive actions like working hard, following directions, showing kindness, and being helpful. They will put their money in their banks. Then they will be able to use their money to purchase rewards from our class store.

    We would love to meet all the parents and answer any questions you might have. You can always reach us by email at glenda.gray@wasatch.edu, candylynne.peterson@wasatch.edu or by phone at 435-654-9350, ext. 2635 and ext. 2671.



    Glenda Gray

  • Check out Coach Springer!

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  • Success Maker

    Success maker is a self-leveling computer program that we are using as a resource for additional instruction in math and reading. Your student will be using the program for 20 minutes daily in each subject. It will reinforce the things that we are already working on and challenge your students to improve. Consistent daily practice will help your students to make great progress this year. 

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