•  This is what our schedule looks like each day. 

    As you are at home thinking about a schedule that works for you and your family here is an editble document you can use if it's helpful to you. The second page has a breakdown of what the hour of reading/writing and hour of math might look like. 


    Our Daily Schedule:
    8:40-9:00        Morning Routines
    9:00-9:45        Specialists
    9:45-10:15      Reading/Math
    10:15-10:30    Recess
    10:30-11:30    Reading/Math Centers
    11:30-12:10    Lunch
    12:10-1:30      Reading/Math
    1:30-1:45        Recess
    1:45-2:00        Science/Social Studies
    2:00-3:00        Learning Zones
    3:00-3:20        Clean Up/Pack Up
    Our Math and Reading block rotates daily. 
    Specialist Schedule:
    Tuesday: Music/Art
    Wednesday: PE
    Thursday: Libary
    Friday: PE