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    Film Production (WHS) is a course that will focus on creating full feature films and the variety of positions associated with the film industry.  This course will provide opportunities for the serious to the "just want to have fun" student.  This course material will teach students how to produce a great story and turn it into a film (video) but also provide real set experience if you desire to explore this profession in a closer way.  There will be a Film Club that students can join which will expand their knowledge as we produce student films for competitions and our own annual Wasatch Film Festival.  There are also local field trips where any film student can attend, but the big trip that students can apply for is our travel study field trip to Los Angeles, CA. where we visit Hollywood and meet producers, directors and more, we tour Warner Bros. Studios, visit a set where we are part of a live studio audience, and make a stop at Disneyland that completes a week of adventure and exploration.  Dixie State University is also offering a week long film camp for students who excel in this field which will allow students to work side by side with film professionals.  We have so much opportunity for you in this area and can't wait to take this journey with you.  Please join in the work (fun) and I promise you will be able to determine if this profession is for you.      
    Film 1 (RMMS) is a course where we explore screenwriting and how we can take our creative ideas and how to organize a story in preparation for making a film.  Our focus will primarily be writing and coming up with fun film ideas.  Students may need a camera (iPad or iPhone) and may start to film these ideas over the semester.    
    Film 2 (RMMS) will focus on the camera angles and composition, lighting, audio, and editing.  This is where students will enhance their technical skills by creating short videos that will inspire and motivate others through film.  Students will be able to submit a short film to the Wasatch Film Festival to be considered for awards.
    Movie Making 1 (RMMS) will focus on the elements of film making, Hollywood style.  Students will learn by doing the variety of jobs that exist in producing a film.  Understanding the different positions related to film making will be taught and experienced.
    Movie Making 2 (RMMS) is our most advanced class that will allow students to create a portfolio of projects that can be used to obtain jobs in the market (real estate, weddings, business ads, etc.).  This class will also be used to make short films with high school students and be considered for the Film Production Club.  Students will be able to expand their knowledge in areas that will increase skills within the movie making industry. 
    Health (RMMS) is a subject that affects each of us on a daily basis and my hope is to expand the knowledge of each student by teaching relevant topics such as substance abuse, safety, mental health, and nutrition, just to name a few.

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