Dear Parent,

















    Wasatch School District Food Services is available to assist your students need for a  

    Gluten Free Diet.   The Wasatch School District special diet accommodation form signed   

    by a medical authority must be submitted and approved, in order for substitutions to be made. Last year application will carry over until October 1 of the new school year. 


      A weekly menu has been developed to offer structure, provide choices and

    variety for your student.
















    A challenge that does occur is communication.  We ask that you coordinate with your 

    Food Services Manager at your school for the meals that will be needed. How often


    your student will be eating school lunch will be important to communicate to the


    school manager. This allows proper planning and production to eliminate wasting of food. 

    Your student will need to contact the kitchen by 9:00 am on the days that he or she would

    like a lunch prepared for them. If your student decides later to not eat lunch we will have

    to charge his account anyway for the lunch ordered.














    Please refer to the attached planned menu used for all Gluten Free students. 







































    Food Services Supervisor







    Darren Wilkins    


















    435-654-0280 ext 4110 or 435-671-5071





    Contact Number










































    Thank you and we look forward to working with you.