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             Q. How can your school nurse help you and your student?
    • If your student has a planned or unplanned medical need during the school day, due to a temporary or permanent medical diagnosis, your school nurse may provide the skilled nursing service or train the appropriate school employees to provide the service.

    • If you indicate a medical diagnosis on the Health Concern Form completed each fall during registration, we recommend that you contact the school nurse in order to obtain more information and to determine the need for a Health Care Plan for your student.
    • If you have a student that is home bound, hospitalized or absent due to illness or injury for an extended period of time, the nurse may facilitate home tutoring or other academic support.
    • If your student is temporarily or permanently disabled, the nurse may facilitate transportation services to and from school and help identify accommodations your student may need during the school day.
    • If your student has a communicable disease, the nurse will help you plan when he/she may return to school.
    • If your student is ill or injured during the school day, the nurse may help determine if your student needs to go home for the day, and may facilitate access to health care.
    • If your student needs health care services including well child check, sports physical, vision exam or dental care, your school nurse may facilitate your access to these services. 
    • Your school nurse may also provide resources for: health insurance, medication & health care providers.
    • In an emergency, your school nurse may contact you using the numbers you provide to the school, so please be sure they are up to date at all times.
Last Modified on August 14, 2017