**EVERY STUDENT WITH A NEW HEALTH CONCERN NEEDS A                                                                                                  STUDENT HEALTH EVALUATION INTAKE FORM** 

    • Health forms must be submitted every twelve months.
    • Please print your paperwork, fill out completely, and bring the completed and signed paperwork to the Health Aide at your student’s school.
    • All health forms require a parent signature, most forms require a Provider's signature as well. 
    • Medication must be delivered by the student's guardian and checked in with authorized staff.  Medication delivered by a student will not be accepted.
    • Each medication must have a pharmacy label.
    • Every student with a medical concern must have a bus form for field trips. 

    Click here to view Medication Administration Policy


    FORMS BY CONDITION - Click on the appropriate health concern below.  Each link has all required forms for that condition.  

     If none of the above standardized forms apply to your student, you can utilize the following forms-

    *If you are unable to find the forms that you need, please contact the health aide at your student's school. * 

Last Modified on November 10, 2020