• Internet Explorer 9 is not compatible with OLS
    You may be prompted to update your Internet Explorer browser. Please do not install 3/15/11 update to the new version.

    Upgrading to IE 9 may cause following issues when accessing the K12 Online School:

    • You may receive the following message upon loading the Online School: “A new (beta) version of Flash is needed to work with IE 9”
    • The loading bar will appear in the Online School and may not disappear
    • Within lessons, opening pop-up windows; such as materials, keywords, safety, buttons, etc., will cause a layering problem so that you can’t close the pop-up window. If this happens, you will need to close the lesson.
    • Interactive components in the lesson may not load and function properly
    • Font sizes are different; general display of Online School is inconsistent

    If you upgraded to IE 9, please see instructions on how to uninstall Internet Explorer 9.

Last Modified on July 1, 2011