• Fluency

    Fluency Scale:
    Accuracy:  Students should be reading at an accuracy rate of 96%-100% with self-corrections.
    Expression:  Reading sounds like natural language, and reader can vary expression and volume that reflects mood, pace, and tension most of the time.
    Phrasing:  Makes appropriate pauses, with adequate attention to punctuation and uses consistently longer, meaningful phrases.
    Rate:  The student reads a certain number of words per minute indicated in following chart.
    • Reading Rates:  To assess the reading rate, take the number of correct words the student read divided by the seconds it took to read the passage and times that by 60.  (The reading rates in this chart were taken from the Utah State Core Curriculum).
               Grades        WPM (words per minute)
                   1             60
                   2            80
                   3            100
                   4            120-150
                   5            120-150
                   6            120-150
    Strategies to help improve fluency:
    Practice reading
    Repeated readings
    Assisted and partner reading
    Choral reading
    Reader's Theater
    Fry Words and Phrases
    Practice reading two levels below independent level
    Make a game out of timing passages and see if the student can get faster each time