• Phonological Awareness

    (birth to 9 years)
    Website Resources

    Spoken language is made up of words, syllables, phrases, onsets, rimes, and phonemes (sounds).  Some components of phonological awareness  are listed below, as well as some great websites, and general age guidelines for mastery of this concept.
    Development of Word Concept:  How many words are in a sentence?  (age 3)
    Rhyming:  Child can identify, or generate words that rhyme with other words .  (age 4-6)
    Syllable:  Includes the following concepts.
    • Matching and Isolating Phonemes:  Identify and generate words that begin with the same sound.  (age mid-Kindergarten)
    • Segmentation:  Can segment spoken sentences into words, and words into onset, rime, and/or syllables.  (age Kindergarten/1st grade).
    • Deletion:  Say cat without the /c/.  Say doorbell without the door.  (age Kindergarten)
    • Blending:  Can you guess the word I am trying to say /d/ /o/ /g/.  (age Kindergarten/1st).
    Songs that help develop phonemic awareness:

    Really Silly Songs About Animals by Bethie
    The Baby's Bedtime Book by Kay Chorao
    Can You Sound Just Like Me? by Red Grammer
    Songs to Grow On by Woodie Guthrie
    Little White Duck by Burl Ives

    You'll Sing a Song by Ella Jenkins
    The Real Mother Goose by LaserLight Digital
    Singing in the Bathtub by John Lithgow
    Old Mr. Mackle Hackle by Gunnar Madsen
    Muppet Hits by the Muppets

    A Child's Celebration of Silly Songs by Music for Little People
    Classic Nusery Rhymes by Hap Palmer
    Squirmy Wormy by Keith Peacock
    Peter, Paul and Mommy by Peter, Paul and Mary
    Raffi Singable Songbook by Raffi

    American Folk Songs for Children by Mike Seeger
    American Folk, Game & Activity Songs by Pete Seeger
    Children's Favorite Songs by Walt Disney Records