• Concepts of Print

     (birth to 6 years)


    Concepts of print include the following:
    • can distinguish books by their covers
    • understands that pictures in books represent things in the real world
    • understands how to hold a book and turn the pages, as well as pretends to read them
    • knows that books tell stories
    • awareness that one reads from left to right with return sweep
    • points to letters and words using one-to-one correspondence
    • recognizes signs and symbols in environmental print
    • recognizes some sight words
    • can follow along and point to words, matching spoken to printed words
    • understands spacing of words
    • understands that print in speech is written down
    • can identify most letters by name
    • associates sounds with letters
    • uses pictures to identify words
    • begins hearing and recording sounds in words
    • begins to copy letters and words
    • writes own name as well as a few high frequency words
    • begins to use basic punctuation