• Oral Language

    (birth to Kindergarten although language acquisition continues to develop indefinately)


    Phases of Oral Language:
    • Preproduction:  Learner is silent, but listens to language users.
    • Early Production:  Begins to use words and short phrases.
    • Emergent Speech:  Sentences and short narratives are prevalent at this stage.
    • Developing Fluency:  Uses longer narratives or conversations, starts reading and writing (invented spelling).
    • Advanced Fluency:  Uses conventions of speaking, reading, and writing.
    Activities for Oral Language:
    • Fingerplays
    • Role-Plays
    • Sharing
    • Concept Sorts
    • Book Walk
    • Semantic Webs (K-W-L)
    • Story Map
    • Storytelling or retelling
    • Felt Boards
    • Encourage students to speak in complete sentences of at least 5 words
    • Poetry activities
    • Dialogue