• 21-22 School Year Elections:
    • We are in need of 2 parents for our School and Community Council
    • Elections will be Friday September 20th at OME (ballot box in office 8:30-4:00)
    Parent Elections:
    • When? In the spring and completed before the last week of the school year OR near the beginning of the school year.  Timeline of elections must be consistent for at least four consecutive years.
    • Where? At the school - electronic elections are permissible when specific requirements are met
    • Who can file? Parents with a student attending the school at least one year of the term of service
    • Who can vote? Parents of students attending the school or who will have students attending the school if elections are held in the Spring
    Election Process:
    • Notice at least 10 days prior to the election (dates and times with the location, open positions, how to file)
    • If there is not a contested race, a vote is not required
    • Secret Ballot and a the principal oversees
    • Results are available on request
Last Modified on September 30, 2021