Work-Based Learning Class:


    The Work-Based Learning class gives students the opportunity to explore career options while receiving high school credit. Students may take one or two periods each quarter of Work-Based Learning. Classes are held every week, usually on Monday's.  Mandatory meetings are held at the beginning and end of each term and must be attended! Critical workplace skills will be taught during the 90 minute class time.

    Juniors or seniors explore Work-Based Learning career options and may choose a variety of careers, as long as, the choice follows the students PCCR goal. The students will also need to attend a high school class (Related Class) that is related to their internship. For example; if a student is employed at a Cabinetry shop they must also be signed up in a Woods I or II class at the high school.

     A student may be paid or unpaid and may choose to be in an internship, paid work experience or apprenticeship. Many employers are looking for experience plus education, Work-Based Learning gives students that edge. Students are better prepared to reach their goal of attaining valuable work experience and gain a better understanding of their career options, while still in high school. Enroll today in Work-Based Learning and gain valuable insight into your future as you explore your career possibilities.

    • Internship, availability basis
    • Paid Work Experience
    • Apprenticeship
    • Job Shadow
    • Critical Workplace Skills Classes
    • College Day
    • Career Day
    • 8th grade and 5th grade WHS Tour
    • Reality Town
    • Tool or Vehicle Day
    • UVU Healthcare Career Day


    1. Extend the walls of the classroom learning to include the community and local businesses
    2. Provide meaning for students learning by narrowing the gap between theory and practice
    3. Allow for career awareness, exploration and preparation activities that are coordinated with school learning activities
    4. Allow all students to explore career options, while in high school, in a particular field of work
    5. Provide all students with opportunities for first-hand experiences in a professional work site, enhancing student resumes
    6. Extend student work experience so that students may apply classroom concepts to the real world
    7. Through Work-Based Learning experience students are able to apply classroom concepts directly to the internship which enhances retention in learning
    8. Enrich student resumes and scholarship opportunities while exploring future careers.
    9. Help students meet valuable business mentors to guide student career exploration and give valuable feedback.