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    Digital Conversion: Teacher Resources
     This page is designed to support teachers, parents, and students in the one-to-one computing initiative at TIS. As you find resources that would be helpful, strategies that have been effective for you, educational articles that revolve around one-to-one in the classroom, Internet links specific to one-to-one, etc. submit them to me and I will post them on this page.

    Educational Articles:

    Future Schools


    One-to-One Strategies:

    1. Drop Box using UTIPS or the TIS Share
    2. Have every handout and assignment digitized and posted to your teacher web site
    District Link- One-to-one resources, training videos, etc.
    UEN - Pioneer Library and all of its offerings
    Wolfram Alpha - Anything Data
    Live Binders - Collect your resources and organize them.
    Scrible - Marks and annotates html documents
    Qwiki - Search tool with visual and audio feedback
    Googel Body Labs - Go through all the layers of the human body. Great for teaching anatomy. Needs Google Chrome to run well.
    Phet - Resource for science simulations
    Quiz Let - Virtual flash cards on steroids
    March2Success - A test preparation website
    Tinyurl - Create shorter url"s from very long url"s
    Multiurl - Share multiple links with students
    Rubistar - A free tool that helps teachers create rubrics
    Web2.0 To Support the Nets - Web 2.0 web sites that are linked to Nets Standards
    Kahn Academy - Great video helps across lots of different topics. Super good for math.*
    SASCurriculum Pathways - Interactive Standards-Based resources for 6-12 in Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, and Spanish.  For student username see Kendall Crittenden. *
    CK-12 - Flex books. Create a custom textbook from exisitng digital textbooks that can be shared with students and teachers.
    Ed.Ted - Animated TED lectures designed for middle level across a variety of topics.  Quiz questions may also be  a part of the lesson. 
    Goorulearning: Educational database that contains videos, interactives, websites, documents, lessons, etc.*
    Todaysmeet - Allow students to use the "back channel" to participate in lessons. 
    *= Great resources for students and teachers.  Encouraged to utilize in some way


    Web sites that target levels within Blooms Taxonomy:

    Visuwords- Vocabulary words web site
    linoit - Post it notes site, URL"s, videos,
    Studyblue - Flash Cards web site. Also for social networking, can look at Flash cards created by someone else.
    Padlet - Great site for exit note, students questions, posting of URL's  

    Comprehension and Understanding:
    Voki - Talking Avatar"s
    Discoveries - NSF"s goal is to support the people, ideas and tools that together make discovery possible. That"s why we say NSF is "where discoveries begin."
    Bubble.us - Brainstorming and mind mapping web site.
    KhanAcademy - Instructional videos of Math, Science and a host of other topics.
    Application/Applying Knowledge:
    Vocaruoo- Record voice or other recording (URL given at the end of the recording)
    xtranormal - Great for re-telling (careful of inappropriate material)
    Analysis - Definitions and more
    10 X 10 - Top 10 news stories of the day or of that day in history, photos, etc.
    Animoto - To add pictures and create video. Add text to the pictures for explanation (this is how the student would explain what they know). Music is also provided on the site for copyright purposes. Could add music from SoundzAboundz off of UEN. (Does require a login. Could have a single login for the class. Be sure students are respectful and careful of content created by classmates).
    GoAnimate - A website where studetns can create cartoon type animation.
    Jay Cut - Online video editor
    TenMarks - Interactive site for math practice and a variety of other topics
    Khan Academy - A website where students can practice Math concepts
    Flex Math - A website where students can practice math facts. 
    foto babble - Upload pictures adn then add your voice to explain the pictures
    Author Stream - Upload audio with the Power Point file they have created.
    Tunedo - Cartoon creation. Students can argue points or create a debate on views or perspectives
    Nota - Casual collaboration whiteboard/wiki

    Voice Thread - Presentation with voice thread
    Use digital pictuers on te a field trip and then bring them into voice thread to pass on.
    Glogster - Poster board site
    CamStudio - Screen capture program.
    Prezi - Presentation in a differnt format. Steep learning curve, not intuitive. Appears like a brain storming screen with ideas and their relationships
    Symbaloo - Personal learning and teaching environment, visually organize learning spaces. Very good for visual learners. Bookmark site.
    epubbud - A site for create e-books.  These can be read and downloaded as epub files.  E-books can include audio, video and text. Login is required to access your work. (Create a class login).
    Google news timeline
    Google Forms
    Googlesite - 7 web sites in video format
    Scribble Maps
    Wonder Wheel
    Google Search Story
    Literature tours using Google Earth
    Google Translate
    Goolge Earth and Picasa to create geo based tours
    Screenr- Instant screen casts.
    Photo Bucket - Image hosting
    Oh Life - email based journaling.
    Back Channel - Conversation behind the conversation
    Free Play Music - Free music
    Story Bird - Create visual sotries using real artist illustrations
    Cue Prompter - Teleprompter
    Museum Box - Create a box you can add video, documents, pictures, quick and easy way to create content to share with classes

Last Modified on September 1, 2014