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    Glenda Gray
    435-654-9350  ext. 2635

    Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Shelley, Idaho. I met and married my husband while attending Utah State University to get my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I taught school while waiting for my husband to graduate. When he took over as breadwinner, I stayed home to raise our three children. We moved around a bit and eventually landed in Escondido, CA, where I started working again as an aide in a special education class. I fell in love with special education and decided to go back to college to get my Master's Degree in Special Education. I taught middle school there till we decided it was time for a change and moved to Heber City. My family and I love it here and are excited to be part of the community.
    In the Learning Lab, my number one goal for your students is that they will be as independent as possible. I want them to learn everything they need to know in order to function as independently as possible in the future. This means that sometimes I will ask them to try things that are hard. I will never ask your students to do something that they are not capable of doing, but they will learn that they can do hard things. I tell them every day that the word "can't" doesn't exist in my vocabulary! To this end, we will go on field trips to the grocery store and to restaurants. We may go bowling or to the movies with our friends at Wasatch High School or Timpanogos Middle School also. We cook every Friday and the kids will have a nice recipe book by the time they finish 8th grade.
    Please check your child's notebook every night. We will write down things that they do every day, including homework, so this is a good way to know what they are doing. If you need to send me a note, put it in their notebook and I will see it when I check during the day. I would really appreciate it if you would initial the notebook each night so I know that you are aware of what's going on in class. Please return the notebook every day. 
    This year I am excited to be team teaching with Mrs. Candy Peterson. We have worked together before and it was so much fun! We have 3 wonderful aides this year. They are all very capable women who show your students incredible amounts of patience and love. It is my privilege to work with Brenda, Moana, and Makayla. Your students will soon come to love them as much as I do. This is a great class and I am very excited to work with your students. We are going to have an awesome year!
    In addition to teaching Learning Lab students, I have a variety of peer tutors each day. Peer tutors are invaluable in setting an example of appropriate behaviors. Sometimes they work with students in my class, and sometimes they go to class with students to help keep them on track. My students love to work with their peers and I have seen some wonderful relationships develop. Please check out my Peer Tutor Canvas page to find out more about being a peer tutor. 
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