• Graduation is next week! Lots of info, so read carefully:

    1. Graduation Attire:
      1. Right now, take out your graduation gown and steam it! It is crazy wrinkly straight from the bag, and the wrinkles are incredibly noticeable. Take care of it today--next Thursday will be too late!
      2. You may not in any way alter your cap.
      3. Write your name inside of your cap. You'll throw it at the end of the ceremony, and then you'll want it back. Trust me.
      4. It is expected that you wear best dress to graduation under your robes. Your collar and from knee down are visible under the gown, so dress appropriately.
      5. Masks required at all graduation events. We will receive a special 2021 graduation mask, which you will be required to wear at the graduation ceremony.
      6. Please choose your shoes carefully. You will be climbing bleachers, walking a lot, and uncomfortable heels will just cause you extra stress and anxiety. Do yourself a favor and don't wear them.
      7. Remember that you may wear no more than one personal item around your neck in addition to any school approved cords.
    2. Graduation Practice:
      1. Be to the Event Center by 8:00 a.m. next Thursday, May 20th. We will be taking roll multiple times during practice, so please be there on time and through the duration of practice. 
      2. Remember this is absolutely mandatory and important.
      3. You do not need to dress up or bring your cap/gown to graduation practice.
      4. Masks required. 
      5. Please remind your parents that there is no saving of seats prior to graduation.
      6. Yearbooks will be handed out at the Event Center at the end of graduation practice.
    3. Graduation Ceremony:
      1. Doors open at 4:00. All guests need tickets and must sit in their ticketed section. Seats are general admission within each section.
      2. Masks required. Graduates required to wear special 2021 graduation mask.
      3. Graduates need to be lined up ready to go at 4:30. This means completely ready.
      4. Once graduation is over, you'll pick up your diploma right there at the Event Center
      5. It's going to be amazing, and I am so excited to celebrate with you!
    4. Upcoming Events:
      1. Pick Up Graduation Tickets From Front Office ASAP!
      2. Senior Dinner: Tuesday, May 11th at 6:00 pm
      3. Cool to Care Assembly: Thursday, May 13th at 10:00 am
      4. May 17th: Last Black Day
      5. May 18th: Last Gold Day
      6. Return Computers and Chargers: May 18th
      7. March of the Graduates : May 19th at 1:00 pm
      8. Senior Sunset: March 19th at 7:00 pm
      9. MANDATORY Graduation Practice: May 20th from 8:00-12:30 at the Event Center
      10. Graduation Ceremony: May 20th. Doors Open at 4:00, Graduates in Line by 4:30, Ceremony starts at 5:00 (is usually around two hours)