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    Graduation Thursday, May 20th

    5:00 p.m. at the Events Center

    Tickets required

    Doors open at 4:00 p.m.

    *Graduate Line-up at 4:30 p.m.*

    No air horns or noise makers allowed

    Masks required


    Graduation Ticket Information

    Graduation is a ticketed event. All graduates will receive five free tickets to distribute.

    Ticket FAQs:

    • Why is graduation ticketed?
      • We hold graduation in the Event Center, and there is a max number of people allowed due to fire and safety regulations.
    • Why don't you hold graduation somewhere larger?
      • The administration continually addresses this question. Extreme weather prohibits outside venues, and we prefer keeping our events local and our students off the canyon roads after graduation.
    • Will graduation be live streamed?
      • Yes. We will share streaming details via CANVAS.
    • How many tickets will I get?
      • Each graduate will have 5 free tickets to give to guests.
    • Does the graduate need a ticket?
      • No. All allotted tickets may be used for guests.
    • When will I get my tickets?
    • Does my ticket assign me a seat?
      • You will be assigned to a specific section of the Event Center, but each section in general admission
      • If you have preferences on section, you may be able to request sections when you pick up your tickets from the front office on May 10th
    • What if I don't need all of my tickets?
      • When you reserve your tickets, you can let us know how many you need. We will only give you what you need, and will reserve the rest for extra requests.
    • Can I request extra tickets?
      • Extra tickets may become available. We will announce extra ticket availability via CANVAS.
    • Can I buy tickets?
      • No. All tickets are free.