digital citizenship

    Midway Elementary is committed to the safe use of technology in the school and classroom. In addition to the routines and expectations established for technology use in each classroom, each month children learn about topics such as:

    Media Balance & Well Being, Privacy and Security, Digital Footprint & Identity, Relationships & Communication, Cyberbullying,  and Media Literacy

    The State of Utah has provided the following websites to assist parents in understanding Internet safety. To learn more and discuss further with their children, parents can visit these sites. (Click on the site names below to visit these sites.










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    To ensure the online safety of students, we provide training to teachers and students on digital citizenship.

    Our goal is to educate midway students about appropriate behavior online, appropriate online behavior, appropriate interactions with others, increase awareness of cyberbullying and empower students to make choices online that are smart, safe, and positive.

    PARENTS: Watch these video links and discuss them together with your child.