• I can retell a story using sequential terms (first, next, then, last).


    Sequencing Graphic Organizer

    Nearpod link: nearpod.com/student/

    Gradual Release Model: "I Do" "We Do" You Do"

    The model that I use to teach an essential standard is the gradual release model.  The first step in the model is called "I Do".  I model how to do something and students watch what I do.  This is beneficial because the only responsibility a student has is to watch so it helps lessen fear and axiety.  I do this a couple of times so students can familiarize themselves with it.  Then, I involve the students by doing the essential standard together as a whole class.  This step is called "We Do".  The last step is "You Do" and the student will do the essential standard on their own.  I incorporate small groups and partner work throughout the teaching so by the time students do the essential standard independently. 

    If a student is learning this at home, it's a good idea for them to see adults model it first (teacher and parents).  Then, I would suggest reading a book together and completing the graphic organizer together.  Then, after a couple of times of students doing the "We Do", students can do the retelling and graphic organizer on their own.

    For sequencing, students need to use the terms "first, next, then, last".  Students need to include the main characters names (if they have a name) in the retell.  It's great if students can identify the problem and solution in the story to help with their retell.  Most students are familiar with the 5 finger retell (character, setting, beginning, middle, end) so if they're confused, that might be a good place to start.

    The following are ideas that you can use if you want to.  Please know that these are optional.  This is just a resource if you want to use it. 

    I Do: Introduction: Sequencing Video.  I recorded myself doing a retell on The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  This is an "I Do" so students can just watch the video.  It's a seven minute video and may take a while to load.

    We Do/You Do:

    Nearpod: Sequencing Class Code: KDAQ8

    Nearpod: Organzing an Event Class Code : QTV7Z

    Nearpod: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell Class Code: WTU68

    Nearpod: Room on a Broom Class Code: XFTMD

    Books (I usually use Youtube):

    Miss Nelson Is Missing

    My Lucky Day

    If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

    Substitute Teacher Lesson Plans

    At home, you can also watch an episode of Arthur (10 minutes episode) and have them do a retell on that.  


    Let me know if you have any questions.  keith.lowther@wasatch.edu. Thanks!