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  • Online School Disclosure

    Welcome to Online School! Taking an online class is a very different experience from taking a class in person. You will need to pace yourself throughout the class instead of the teacher helping you through the class. You will need to find a way to learn the material you are struggling with. Some ideas are tutoring in room 12, rewatching videos, taking notes, going to tutoring at the high school or hiring a tutor. You need to advocate for yourself!!! You will also need to be responsible for completing assignments that require materials. If you are unable to acquire the necessary materials for labs or projects, you will need to talk to your teacher to figure out how to handle that.

    Who are my Online Teachers?

    We are very excited to have a team of online teachers for this year of school. Students will have experts in the core areas to help them with their assignments. Teachers are available in each core subject and you are welcome to ask for help on matters you do not understand. Core teachers will be in room 10 of west campus during the afternoon hours for you to meet and to ask questions or get tutoring. Below is a table of when teachers are available. It is important to make an appointment with a teacher if you would like to make sure you will have help.



    Subject Taught

    Email address

    Office Hours

    Melissa Brown


    8-11 am M-Th, by appointment

    Sarah Bray

    History/social sciences

    11a-3p, by appointment

    Brian Frampton


    11a-3p, by appointment

    Christine Garloch


    11a-3p, by appointment

    Faith Woodard

    Business Office and languages

    9a -11a am Friday, by appointment

    Karina Zachary


    11a-3p, by appointment




    Online school is great because it can be done anytime throughout the day. It appeals to students who like flexibility in their schedule or in their location. It is also an option for students to add extra classes so they can graduate early. Online school can be done at anytime throughout the day, but teachers are only available for questions or to unlock assignments during the school day. It makes the most sense for students to be doing their school work during these hours from wherever they are. If you need help after hours, please send an email and expect an answer the next school day.



    Online school will not take less time than in-person school. We have built the classes so they take about 30 hours per quarter with more time needed to redo assignments and tests that the students do not pass. This is about the same amount of time as a student would spend in the classroom. 
    The most successful students will build 45 minutes into each day for each online class. Students need to work on each class weekly. Depending on the student, it may take slightly more or less than that to get the assignments done. Students should take notes online.  Students are required to log in weekly at a minimum or they may be dropped from the program.  If students miss 2 weeks of logging in and are behind in their course they will receive a UA for that course (even if they get caught up after that).


    The best way for parents to contact us is by email. If we are not near our computers, we can not help your student with their online classes. We will respond within 24 hours (not on weekends). You may also call 435 654-0640 extension 3855.  This will reach Melissa Brown. Students may also visit the online office which is at West Campus in Room 10. There should usually be a teacher there to help.   Please be aware that we work normal school hours 7:30 -3:00 pm. After school hours and on the weekends, we are spending time with family and friends and do not have the ability to help.

    SIS schedule


    If you are taking an online class you should be enrolled in my 0 period (Melissa Brown.) If you are not enrolled in this class please contact me ( I will be communicating with you and your parents through this online class and it is very important that you read the emails we send you, even if you are enrolled in only one class. Your email will go to your student email and you must know how to log in to this email. Please plan to check your email daily.  Please adjust your canvas settings so that you do not get overwhelmed with those emails. I will show you how at back to school night. 





    Our online classes are offered through a program called Edgenuity. You access this program through (bookmark and save for faster access), then log in.

    Grading scale


    92.5 A- 89.5
    B+ 86.5. B 82.5. B- 79.5
    C+ 76.5. C 72.5. C- 69.5
    D+ 66.5 D 62.5 D- 59%


    Online school follows the same schedule as the high school. We have class on the same days and expect students to log in each of those days.  IF you do not log in for 10 school days, you will be dropped from online school and you may be dropped from the high school altogether if you are not taking any classes there. 

    Target Dates

    If you are not finished with your class by this date, you will get the grade you have earned in the class, pace yourself to finish on time or even early.  You will have to take the final in order to pass the class even if you don’t quite finish.


    Proctored Cumulative Exams


    Exams will need to be proctored for English, math, science, history and language classes.


    Students will need come to West Campus and will take finals in Room 10 or in the Lecture at Main Campus.   


    Target Date

    Dates you can Test

    Times you can test


    September 30, 2022

    September 27-30

    8-10 am and 11:30-3 pm


    December 13, 2022

    December 9-13

    8-10am and 11:30-3 pm


    March 3, 2023

    February 27- March 3

    8-10 and 11:30-3 pm


    May 15, 2023

    May 10-12, May 15th

    8-10 and 11:30-3 pm




             Class Extensions 


    If you cannot finish the class by the end of the quarter, you can request a "incomplete" from the counselors and they can grant an extension. Anyone who requests an "I" for reasons other than verified medical or family emergencies will not be able to earn an A in the class, even if the grade earned is an A. The highest grade for an extension is a B.



    Students can retake quizzes and re-do assignments throughout the term. Students can also retake the unit tests if they redo the unit review. Students will not be allowed to retake the finals in any classes. In order to study for the final, use the final review. You may retake the final review before taking the final.  No retakes will be allowed the last week of any quarter so please make sure you do your retakes in advance.
    Academic Honesty 


    Plagiarism is the act of using another person's words or ideas without crediting the source or the act of presenting those words or ideas as one's own. In university or career settings, cheating may result in not just failing grades, but the loss of scholarships or other funds or even expulsion, firing, or legal action.

    We expect that you do your own work. If you copy work from the internet or from another student, there will be drastic consequences. The first time, parents will be emailed and expected to discuss with their student what cheating is. The student will also be asked to redo the assignment in order to proceed in the course. The second time, students will get a UA in the class and parents will receive a phone call. If it happens again in any online class, the student will meet with a principal and may be dismissed from online school. Actual human teachers are grading the work and will notice if you turn in the same assignments as other students. 


    If a student completes an entire course in a short amount of time and, as a result, multiple instances of cheating are discovered when grading is done, the student will fail the course and need to retake it at a later date.

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