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    Melissa Brown

    Online Coordinator

    (435) 654-0640 extention 3855


    Hi, my name is Melissa Brown and I am the online Coordinator for the At Home online program at WHS. I also teach an online credit recovery class for social studies.  I love to do anything outdoors including hiking, running, biking, (both road and mountain,) skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, paddleboarding and snorkeling.  If I could design a perfect day off it would include 3 or 4 of those things and then a relaxing read on a hammock or in front of the fire.  I want to help all online students to succeed with online school.  I believe the best way to succeed as an online student is to make sure students are working 45 minutes per class, to make sure students have access to teachers for questions and concerns, and to communicate with students and parents as to my expectations.  One of my favorite things about online school is that you can have a flexible work schedule.  Although the schedule is flexible students are expected to work hard each day or catch up on the days they are working.  flexible work schedule

    • The online school uses a program called edgnuity to provide instruction for our students.  edgenuity
    • Here is a link to my canvas social studies credit recovery course.  
    • The grading scale for online school will be as follows:
      A. 92.5
      A- 89.5
      B+ 86.5
      B 82.5
      B- 79.5
      C+ 76.5
      C 72.5
      C- 69.5
      D+ 66.5
      D 62.5
      D- 59%
    • Remember to work on one assignment at a time!
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