• 6th Grade Essential Skills & Standards

    The goal is for students to demonstrate mastery of their grade-level content. In an effort to be sure the essentials are being mastered, we have identified the following Essential Standards and Skills because they provide students with the greatest knowledge and skills that are

    • valuable beyond a single test date
    • valuable in multiple disciplines
    • essential for success in the next grade
  • 6.RP.3b- I can solve real-world ratio & rate problems using models

    6.NS.3b- I can fluently divide a decimal dividend with a decimal divisor

    6.EE.3- I can use properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions

    6.EE.7- I can solve equations using inverse operations

    6.NS.8 I can use graphing points on the coordinate plane and absolute value to solve real-world problems

    6.SP.3 I can identify/calculate mean, median, mode, and range.


    With such a focus we will be able to guarantee that each student will have the opportunity to master at a minimum the essential standards and skills enabling them to become proficient (or achieve mastery) in the other skills and standards in the core.

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Last Modified on August 14, 2020