• Mrs. Vincent -- Orchestra, Chorus, Guitar

    in my back yard

    Hi! I'm Mrs. Vincent, and I teach music classes at TMS. I have one husband, six kids (four of them married), and six grandchildren -- five girls and one boy -- and one cat.

    I am a violinist by profession, having worked freelance in recording studios and on the stage (and in orchestra pits) for most of my career. I began my music training as a young child with piano lessons, adding violin at the age of 8. I attended BYU on music scholarship, earning a Bachelor of Music as well as some graduate work. I also learned a little guitar as a young girl and spent this summer improving that skill.

    I have taught violin, viola, and piano lessons since my teen years, and school music for about twenty years. This is my third year in Wasatch District and I love it here!

    Classes, with links to Canvas

    Symphony is our large orchestra class. Students from any grade level with one- to several years' experience may register for this group, no audition necessary. Emphasis is on building technical and ensemble skills. Students perform in concerts and at festivals, and travel with Chamber Orchestra whenever we get to do that again.

    Chamber Orchestra is our smaller group, traditionally made up of upperclassmen. This is an auditioned group for students at an advanced level of musicianship and mature attitude. Emphasis is on exploration of advanced concert literature and refining rehearsal and performance techniques. Students perform in concerts and at festivals, and travel.. Looking forward to being able to do that again someday!

    Contact information

    You may write to me at janice.vincent@wasatch.edu. I respond pretty quickly to emails; correspondence is one of my strengths.


    Besides a life-long obsession with music, I have a few other great loves: sewing, crocheting, porcelain -- I am ALL about hands-on creativity! I even draw a little. I also love reading, gardening, hiking, camping, and playing card- and board games.