Mr. Jacobsen

  • Mr. & Mrs. Jacobsen

  • Welcome!! My name is Mr. Jacobsen, and I teach Math 1, Math 1 Honors, and Numeracy at Wasatch High School. I'm also an assistant baseball coach for the Wasps!

    I'm originally from Flower Mound, Texas, and I graduated from BYU with a BS in Mathematics Education. I'm married to my gorgeous wife McKenna; together we have 7 chickens. On the weekends you'll find my wife and I golfing or working on some new house project.

    Math is beautiful and ESSENTIAL in the world we live in today. Flip on the news and watch story after story of people who lack critical thinking and problem solving skills. Mathematics is not just a school subject, but literally a way of thinking. I want my students to leave my class not just ready for the next math class, but with brain muscles strong enough for higher levels of critical thinking, analysis, reasoning, and problem solving. Mathematics, I believe, is one of the only subjects able to wire our brains to think this way! With this increased level of thinking, students will be able to leave the classroom more equipped to be contributing members in their families, communities, and society.

    Here are my Canvas course links:

    Math 1 Canvas Course

    Math 1 HONORS Canvas Course

    Numeracy 1 Canvas Course


    And click this Canvas Parent Observer link for more information and tools for parents to connect with their child's Canvas coursework.