We, the students of Wasatch High School, do organize, adopt, and pledge support for this constitution that we may achieve effective roles within student government and provide equal opportunity for involvement in school activities.  In order to establish an effective student government; to create positive student/faculty/ and school/community relationships; to encourage student participation in extracurricular programs, to promote citizenship, scholarship and sportsmanship; to increase school unity, loyalty, and spirit, do ordain and establish this constitution. 


    School Information

    Section I.         School Name

    The school name shall be Wasatch High School.


    Section II.       School Motto

    The motto of Wasatch High School is “Expect to Excel”


    Section III.      School Song

    The song of Wasatch High School is:


                We will sing of our high school

                Of our alma mater too.

                And its name will gain renown,

                There’s no other like her can be found.

                For we always shall be true.

                To the emblems of our school.

                We will ever be glad to come back

                To our dear old gold and black.

                Then come and join in song,

                And cheer our Wasatch High School dear.

                With its morals high and its name

                We will ever work for its fame.

                And we will strive unceasingly,

                Towards the glory of our school.

                We will raise our flags to the sky

                For we love our Wasatch High! Hey!

                (clap) WE’RE WASPS!


    Section IV.      School Fight Song

    The fight song of Wasatch High School is:


                Team fight for dear old Wasatch

                Our dear high school

                Fight for her victory always is the rule.

                For we’re the friends of Everyone

                Gold and the black

                Team fight for Wasatch High

                Wasps pep ne’er lack!




    Section V.       School Colors

    The official colors of Wasatch High School are black, white, and old gold. Any attire sponsored by Wasatch High School should be these colors. Optional contrasting colors may be used as long as 75 percent of the uniform is black, white, and/or old gold. Certain exceptions can be made for organizations such as Drill Team and Choir. Additional exceptions can also be made if passed through the administration.


    Section VI.      School Mascot

    The mascot of Wasatch High School is the Wasp.


    Section VII.    School Publications

    • The Wasatch High School student body newspaper shall be knows as the “Vespine.”
    • The Wasatch High School yearbook shall be known as the “Wasona.”
    • The Wasatch High School TV station shall be known as “Sting TV.”


    This constitution shall be posted on the Wasatch High School webpage in order to ensure that all students have access to a copy of this document.  A copy will also be available from the student government at all times during the school year.



    Student Government


    Section I.         Membership in the Association

    Membership of the executive student government consists of the following elected student officers:

    • The Student Body President shall:
      • Coordinate between the Student Body and Administration
      • Represent the Student Body through broadcasting and public outreach programs
      • Conduct or delegate the conducting of all student government meetings
      • Delegate responsibilities to all student government members, but not personally conduct them. 
    • The Student Body Executive Vice President shall:
      • Keep minutes, create the agenda and keep track of all assignments of student government members
      • Keep a history of all activities and results which can be passed on to the next year’s student government.
      • Maintain class calendar
    • The Student Body Vice President of Service shall:
      • Search for and fulfill opportunities to serve the student body, the community and the world
      • Create and coordinate service activities that involve the student body
    • The Student Body Vice President of Spirit shall:
      • Meet with admin and athletic director to determine spirit opportunities
      • Be student government liaison with cheer team
      • Encourage student involvement in school activities and assemblies
      • Support positive behavior initiative (Cool to Care)
    • The Student Body Vice President of Involvement shall:
      • Coordinate between club presidents, athletic council, and Student Government
      • Create, meet with, and preside over Club Council
      • Plan and coordinate activities to encourage club participation


    Membership of the Student Government Cabinet shall consist of the following appointed student officers:

    • The Graphic Design Specialist shall:
      • Design material as needed to represent WHS
      • Create digital and printed advertisements for the school (social media ads, hallway TVs, print ads)
      • Create logo(s) for student government
      • Design template for monthly newsletter
    • Audio & Visual Specialist
      • Create TV ads
      • Create content for social media campaigns
      • Run tech at assemblies (excluding auditorium tech)
      • Coordinate with Sting TV and administration
    • Public Relations Specialist
      • Represent student body at school board and community council meetings
      • Maintain and operate student social media accounts
      • Create content for school outreach
      • Coordinate with district PR team
      • Delegate and edit monthly newsletter
    • Inclusion Specialist
      • Maintain outreach with minority student groups
      • Organize meaningful activities which involve all students
      • Encourage celebration of differences
      • Collect and incorporate input regarding wider student involvement



    Membership of the general student government consists of the following elected representatives:

    • Senior Class Representatives - 3
      • Represent and advocate for the senior class throughout the year
      • Chair any senior-related activity
      • Participate in graduation
      • Plan class reunions
    • Junior Class Representatives - 3
      • Represent and advocate for the junior class throughout the year
      • Chair any junior-related activity
      • Plan and chair Junior Prom & related fundraising dance
    • Sophomore Class Representatives - 3
      • Represent and advocate for the sophomore class throughout the year
      • Chair any sophomore-related activity
    • Freshman Class Representatives - 2
      • Represent and advocate for the freshman class throughout the year
      • Chair any freshman-related activity


    Section II.       Eligibility

    • In order to run for office, a student must have a 3.0 GPA. The student must then maintain the 3.0 GPA throughout the term of their office.
    • A candidate must have no U’s or UA’s in Citizenship 
    • A member of student government must not partake of alcohol or drugs. An officer in student government must uphold the council’s good reputation and abide by the Code of Conduct.
    • A candidate will agree to and abide by the Student Government Contract


    Section III:      Elections and Appointments

    • Student government elections at Wasatch High School shall be held at a specific time jointly agreed upon by the administration and current student body officers. No student may hold more than one student government office at the same time.
    • Student government officer elections as well as class officer elections will operate the same and will be held at the same time.

    Section IV.      Oath of Office

    “I  (name)  having been given the trust of the students of Wasatch High School, do solemnly pledge to be a loyal member of the student body of Wasatch High School; to uphold and defend the constitution of the school and to honor the traditions of Wasatch High School. I further pledge to fulfill the duties of    (office)    effectively to the very best of my abilities.”


    Section V.       Removal from Office and Impeachment

    Any student government officer found in violation of the code of conduct will be withheld from any student government planned activity in the academic term of their violation. If found in violation of the code of conduct, during their time of probation, officer will be dismissed from office. A replacement will then be appointed by the executive council.


    Student Officers: Any student officer elected or appointed—found in violation of the Oath of Office, of the required academic standards, of conduct unbecoming a student officer, of adherence to this constitution shall be subject to removal from office. An officer suspected of impeachable offenses will be summoned to the student government. The council and administration will determine if they should be removed.




    Clubs and Organization


    Section I:  Starting a Club or Organization

    Any student who has a particular interest in an area has the right to form a club, so long as the club has an administration-approved advisor, a constitution setting forth main objectives, and is approved by administration and the Student Body Vice President over clubs, and has a minimum of five members. If a club has not gone through the official process of becoming an official club, they do not have the opportunity to advertise in the school or to hold meetings at or during school. An official club has the right to use the student government advertising supplies or materials and the opportunity to apply for grants from the student government.  





    Ratification & Amendments


    Section I.         Amendments

    Any student may present an amendment to this Constitution, in writing, signed by 50 active members of the student body to the Student Body President.  He/she will present it to the Student Body Executive and General Councils who will discuss and vote on it.  If the amendment passes with two-thirds majority vote, it will be presented to the administration.  Once the administration has approved it, it will be voted on by the student body and will need to pass with two-thirds majority vote.


    Section II.       Enacted

    Upon ratification, constitutional changes will take effect at the beginning of the next school year.


    Section III.      Appeal

    If a new amendment does not pass with two-thirds majority vote, it will be tabled indefinitely.  However, a student can appeal the decision and resubmit the amendment.