Math May Do



    1. Place a set of colorful game pieces, such as Counting Bears, on the table.

    2. The first player draws a card. If the number 4 is drawn, the player puts 4 game pieces of the same color in the number 4 space, then places the card in a discard pile.

    3. The next player draws a card and play continues until all the spaces on the cards are filled. Make a ten frame and have your parents tell you how many cereal pieces to put on it.



    *Take flash card 0-10, lay them out not in order. then put them in the correct order. 

    *Today you will work on positional words. Have your child get a favorite stuffed animal or toy. Give them directions, such as “put it under the table” or “put it on top of the table.” (Additional suggestions are: next to, in front of, behind, etc.

    *Water balloon number recognition: Write the numbers from 1-20 on the cement in chalk. Fill up some water balloons. Call out a number and have your child touch the number with their foot. If it is the correct number they get to hit it with a water balloon!

    *Color Hunt: Gather orange, red, blue, yellow, brown, black, gray, white, green, purple and pink papers. Then have your child find various items around the house and match the colors. 






Literacy May Do

Fine Motor May Do

Gross Motor May Do

  • 1


    *Do 10 jumping jacks

    *Run a lap around your yard/house

    *Go for a walk with your family 

    *walk up and down the stairs 3 times

    *Go for a bike ride

    *ride a scooter

    *Hula hoop

    *Kick ball back and forth

    * Use a balloon, and try to keep it off the ground

    *Throw a ball into a laundry basket

    *Place tape on the floor, jump over the tape


    Cosmic Kids Yoga

  • Art & Science May Do:



    *Create a self portrait

    *Encourage the children to paint a picture of their favorite part of pre-K.

    *Paint a picture about the things they are excited for in kindergarten. If they struggle or are unsure of what kindergarten will be like, discuss all the fun and exciting things they will be learning and doing.

    *Go on a walk and look for signs of spring

    *Draw a picture of you and a friend. Cut each out. Build a house with blocks or cups and put your paper people inside!

    *Make Flower out of Construction paper